• Image of M62 7" COLOURED VINYL + FREE CD

You can now Pre-Order our brand new PERSONALISED Limited Edition Double-A-Side 7" Vinyl.

For the first time ever, we've decided to get some lovely 7" vinyl made. Restricted to a limited number, they contain two new songs on Northumberland Salmon-Pink hand- pressed vinyl. We will PERSONALISE your vinyl to anyone you choose so PLEASE LET US KNOW WHO IT IS FOR when you place your order.

UK..........As the vinyl are being sent via carrier pigeons that need to rest every 15 minutes for a cuppa, they will take a little longer to arrive. So, in the meantime, if you live in the UK, we will send you a free CD so you can listen to the two new songs while you wait for your Personalised Vinyl to come.

NON-UK........If you live outside the UK, we will be sending your Personalised Vinyl and the free CD both together. As there will be a little wait before your parcel arrives, we will send you a digital link to the two new songs. Sorry that we unable to send you the Vinyl and CD separately but we wanted to keep postal costs as low as possible for our overseas friends.

DROP-DOWN MENU BELOW: Please click 'UK' if you live in the UK or click 'NON-UK' if you live outside of the UK.